Camper Trailer Storm Covers

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Camper Trailer Storm Covers

Keep Your Trailer in Top Shape Longer with Camper Trailer Storm Covers

Not everyone can store their camper trailer in a covered, climate-controlled facility, and that’s where camper trailer storm covers come in. For campers and camper trailers that must stay outdoors, exposed to the elements day in and day out, a good cover can make all the difference. Find the protective covering you need at Stormcovers and Suncovers.

Benefits of Waterproof Camper Trailer Covers

When you use a camper trailer weather cover to protect your trailer, you’ll notice the following benefits.

  • Protection from UV damage. Keeping your camper trailer covered will help keep the sun’s harsh rays from ageing it prematurely. UV rays can damage your RV over time in the form of peeling paint, fading colours, cracking materials, and more. They can also cause the roof to buckle or crack, leading to issues with vents.
  • Better moisture control. Covers designed for use with camper trailers are waterproof but still breathable. The materials allow moisture to evaporate but do not allow water to penetrate from the outside. That means you won’t have to worry about moisture collecting under the cover.
  • Made-to-order perfection. Storm covers are made-to-order and custom-shaped to follow every contour of your individual trailer, car, or caravan. You’ll love the neat, fitted look and superior protection of a custom storm cover. You can further personalise your order by adding custom-positioned zip-out doors, drawbar and hitch covers, or aerial jack flaps if desired.
  • The convenience of portability. Unlike permanent storage structures, you can take your storm cover with you wherever you go. Whether you’re relocating permanently or just hitting the road for a few days or weeks, your storm cover can easily come along for the ride.

Related Services We Provide to Camper Trailer Storm Covers

Stormcovers offers a line of protective covers for a range of vehicles. Along with the best camper trailer covers, we also provide:

  • Storm covers for cars, utes, and vans. We can create a custom-fitted protective cover for your personal or work vehicle to help keep it safe from weather, sun, moisture, and more.
  • Storm covers for caravans and pop-tops. If you love to travel in your caravan or pop-top, you want it to be in its best condition when you’re ready to set out. You can help your equipment stay in excellent shape by using a custom-shaped storm cover.
  • Storm covers for horse floats and trailers. Protect your horse float with a storm cover to help ensure that it lasts longer and looks its best. Keeping your horse float covered can also help prevent damage that could harm your horses.

About Stormcovers

If you’re looking for the most protective camper trailer covers in Brisbane, look no further than Stormcovers and Suncovers. We use triple-layer technology to help guard against hail damage and other weather. Each storm cover is made to order, designed to fit your individual camping trailer perfectly. Stormcovers are a more affordable alternative to buildings or sheds and come with a five-year warranty. Contact us today for more information.


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