Car Hail Protection Covers

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Car Hail Protection Covers

Australian Made-to-Order Car Hail Protection Covers to Prevent Damage

For Australians without a garage or carport, car hail protection covers will prevent damage from hail denting and destroying your vehicle during a severe storm. Storm covers are made-to-order car covers offering a technologically-advanced three-layer protection system fitted to your car for the ultimate storm protection.

Common Mistakes People Make re Car Hail Protection

When it comes to protecting your car from hail and harsh weather, avoid these common pitfalls.

  • Don’t wait until you see hail falling to realize you need protection for your car. By the time the storm starts, it will be too late to do anything that will effectively protect your property — plan and invest in a protective cover to keep your car safe from the damage of heavy hail.
  • If you try to cover your car or vehicle with a DIY protective barrier using a material such as a tarp or plastic, it might work for a short time or during a light storm. However, when the wind is strong, and hail and rain come down with force, the cover will likely collapse and leave you without any protection. Don’t take the risk of property damage by trying to create a simple protective cover when what you need is a product that can withstand extreme conditions.
  • Purchasing a ready-made cover may work, but you must verify that the measurements will completely cover your car for it to be worthwhile. You should also do some research about the materials and technology behind the cover to make sure it’s going to withstand a massive storm. It’s best to order a custom-made covering that will protect all sides of your car if you truly want to prevent damage.

Stormcover’s advanced technology, custom-shaped car cover, is a small investment that will keep your car safe during a hail storm.

What Sets Stormcovers and Suncovers Apart Regarding Our Car Hail Protector in Australia

We understand firsthand that car owners need something sturdy and durable to protect their cars during intense storms in Australia, so we created Stormcovers and Suncovers to hold up against the harshest conditions with durable, high-quality materials.

  • Our triple-layer protection cover guards against damage from hail storms using a commercial grade laminated polyethylene material on the outside, a closed-cell foam layer in the middle, and a friction-reducing inner layer to protect glass and plexiglass. These covers withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, preventing damage even from golf-ball-size frozen water bombs we tested on them.
  • All our storm covers are made-to-order and designed to fit the contours of your car for complete protection. You can choose the features that will suit your vehicle, including zip-out doors for easy access, drawbar and hitch covers, rooftop pads, storage bags, and a Jack Aerial Flap, plus we offer three colour options.
  • Our car covers look tidy and last long. It’s a worthwhile investment, as your cover should last at least ten years, if not longer. We also provide a five-year manufacturer’s warranty on the covers we sell for customer satisfaction should there be any issue with the product you buy from us.

Invest in a car cover that will truly protect your car from damage so that you can live with peace of mind no matter the weather.

Why Customer Should Buy Stormcovers and Suncovers

Since 2007, Stormcovers and Suncovers have been creating covers to protect Aussie cars, caravans, and other property from damage caused by the elements of this beautiful, rugged country. We only use the highest quality materials that will defend your property against the harshest conditions with made-to-order covers manufactured right in Queensland, Australia, with shipping available throughout the country for your convenience.

To order your cover or for any questions, contact us so that we can customise the perfect car cover for you.


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