Caravan Covers Adelaide

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Caravan Covers Adelaide

Customised Caravan Covers in Adelaide to Protect from Hail Storms

Stormcover’s custom-shaped camper trailer, motorhome, horse float, and caravan covers in Adelaide provide advanced protection against damage caused by hail or other extreme weather. Our made-to-order caravan covers are manufactured in Australia with three-layer protection and durable, quality materials to keep your camper safe in the harshest conditions.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Camper Trailer Covers in Adelaide

When you’re buying a cover for your camper trailer or another large vehicle, consider the following recommendations that will make your cover last longer and provide maximum damage protection.

  • All Stormcovers’ products are made-to-order, which means you tell us what you need, and we ensure that your camper or caravan cover fulfils those requirements with custom-shaping to fit the exact contours of any vehicle. If you are unsure about something when you’re ordering your cover, please contact our customer support team for guidance.
  • When you install your camper or caravan cover, be aware of any sharp objects that could tear the cover and avoid tugging hard or pulling on it, especially in places with zippers. You may even want to use a barrier such as a pool noodle for extra protection since the last thing you want is a giant hole in your cover. Stormcovers can last for more than a decade if you use best practices when installing, removing, and storing them.
  • Make sure that the vehicle is clean and dry when you put on the cover to prevent moisture build-up under it that could grow mould or mildew, especially if you are storing your camper or caravan covered for an extended period. Also, keep in mind that the protective materials in our storm covers can be flammable, so take care not to expose the cover to open flame or combustion to avoid damage.

The Benefits of Stormcovers’ Camper and Caravan Covers in Adelaide

We take pride in creating high-quality, customised camper and caravan covers that are engineered to provide the most robust protection available against possible damage by hail, wind, and storms.

  • We create our protective covers using a commercial-quality laminated polyethylene layer that is waterproof on the outside with a layer of four-millimetre-thick foam above a base layer that reduces friction to protect glass and plexiglass. Our technologically advanced covers prevent dents even when tested with golf-ball-sized frozen water bombs, which are denser than hail when dropped from four storeys high.
  • We can customise the cover to suit your needs. Do you take your camper out frequently and require easy access to the entrance? If that’s the case, order custom zip-out doors for access even when the cover is in place. Does your caravan always stay outside exposed to the elements? Be sure to order a cover with total protective coverage, not just a storm hat, to prevent weather damage all year round. Worried that the drawbar or hitch will rust? Let us know you need a cover that protects these parts. Simply explain your needs, and we will strive to produce a cover that fits your exact specifications.
  • Not only do our covers look lovely in any of the three colour options we offer, but storm also covers come with a five-year warranty for customer satisfaction. However, with proper maintenance and careful installation and removal of your cover, it should last at least double the warranty or more, making them a worthwhile investment.

Why Customer Should Buy from Stormcovers and Suncovers

We began selling custom-shaped storm covers and sun covers in 2007 to protect caravans, camper trailers, cars, and more from the harsh conditions they may be exposed to outdoors. Our products are manufactured right here in Queensland, Australia, with the best quality materials that will offer maximum protection for your camper, caravan, or large vehicle that lasts for years. Invest in protection against the elements with storm covers that are custom designed to prevent damage from sun, wind, rain, hail, and more.

If you have questions about your cover, contact us, and our customer support team will guide you through the ordering process.


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