Caravan Covers

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Caravan Covers

Protect Your Camper or RV with Caravan Covers from Coverworld

Most of us don’t have a space big enough to store our campers or caravans in a garage or carport, which means caravan covers are that much more important. With Australia’s harsh conditions, the elements can easily damage a caravan, camper or recreation vehicle that spends most of the year sitting outdoors. At Coverworld, we offer a range of camper covering solutions designed to keep your vehicle safe from sun, rain, hail, wind and more.

What Sets Coverworld Apart Regarding Caravan Covers

Since 2007, Coverworld has been a go-to place to buy caravan covers in Australia. We have dedicated ourselves to crafting the highest quality solutions for caravan and camper protection. Here are just a few of the factors that make our covers essential accessories for any caravan owner.

  • Our dual range: We manufacture two types of caravan covers. The first type, Stormcovers, are made from triple-layer waterproof technology and are ideal for shielding a caravan from hail. The second type, Suncovers, are crafted from marine-grade materials and designed as unique three-piece systems. Each Suncover is durable, breathable, water-resistant and UV-resistant.
  • Our custom designs: Each caravan, RV or camper is a bit different in size, length and width. When you buy caravan covers from Coverworld, we not only customise them to match the dimensions of your caravan but can also position zip-out doors, drawbar and hitch covers, jack/aerial flaps and other components to suit your camper.
  • Our warranty coverage: We want you to know that you can rely on our covers to provide long-term protection for your caravan. Each Stormcover is backed by a five-year warranty, while every Suncover carries ten years of warranty protection.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Your Caravan Covers

When you buy caravan covers from Coverworld, we want you to get the biggest return-on-investment possible from the purchase. Here are a few tips to help you derive even more value from your cover.

  • Skip the carport or shed: Many caravan owners assume the best way to protect their caravans—especially during the off-season—is to build a custom shed or carport. Our Stormcovers and Suncovers offer a more affordable alternative that is far more portable.
  • Prioritise your concerns: What are the most significant issues you are trying to protect against with your cover? If the answer is hail, you need a Stormcover, which can help prevent dents and other damage. If your primary concern is UV damage, a Suncover will offer the solution you need. Browse our caravan covers online to learn more about the functions of each type.
  • Take care to secure your cover: You never know when unfavourable weather might strike. When your caravan isn’t in use, always affix your Stormcover or Suncover—and take care to do so thoroughly. Our Stormcovers, for instance, come with 16 securing points to attach to your caravan. Affixing each securing point will give your caravan the most protection possible.

Why Coverworld Is Cost-Effective

Paying to build a custom shed or carport is expensive. Paying to store your caravan offsite during the offseason is likely to be even costlier over time. When you shop our caravan covers online, you will see that they offer all the protection you need for a much more affordable price. To learn more about our caravan covers and what they can do, contact us today.


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