Hail Blanket

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Hail Blanket

Protect Your Car or Caravan from the Elements with a Hail Blanket

If you have ever come out to your vehicle after a storm to find it pockmarked by little hail dents, then you know the value of a hail blanket. With the right hail blanket car cover, you can protect your vehicle in any weather. Even if hail the size of golf balls is raining down from the heavens, Coverworld can help.

What Sets Coverworld Apart Regarding Hail Blanket Protection

At Coverworld, we pride ourselves on crafting the best hail blankets for cars and caravans alike. Our solution, dubbed ‘Stormcover,’ is designed to be tougher and better-fitting than what our competitors are crafting. Here are a few of the factors that make our hail covers so effective.

  • The technology: When we envisioned our hail blanket car cover, we wanted it to serve as an alternative to having a garage or carport. Our goal was to make something that customers would trust as a protective shield, even in the harshest conditions. The result was the Stormcover, a hail blanket built with innovative triple-layer technology that can get hit by a ball of ice from four stories up with no sign of damage to the car underneath.
  • The bespoke aspect: There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ hail protection blanket. Vehicles have different heights, lengths and widths. The perfect hail protection for a sedan might be insufficient for a large SUV. With this thought in mind, we implemented a bespoke approach, customising every cover to suit the client’s specific vehicle.
  • The warranty: When you put your trust in a Coverworld product, we put our trust in it, too. Every Stormcover is backed by a five-year warranty, to give you peace of mind that it will do exactly what you expect for years to come.

Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Hail Protection Blanket

As you shop for your new hail blanket car cover, take care to avoid these common mistakes that other buyers have made in the past.

  • Trusting a single-layer cover: We use triple-layer protection because each layer serves a different purpose. The outer layer is waterproof and protects against UV rays. The inner layer is a foam core that absorbs most of the shock from hail. The inner layer minimises friction on the car’s interior, preventing scratches and scrapes. These layers work together to provide a comprehensive defence against hail and the elements in general.
  • Guessing with measurements: A made-to-order hail cover will fit your car perfectly and protect it most effectively. As such, the measurements you take when ordering your cover need to be accurate. Inaccurate measurements can affect how securely the blanket fits over your car, whether every surface is covered and more.
  • Using Stormcover primarily as a defence against UV: While the outer layer of our Stormcover blankets is UV-resistant, it shouldn’t be your go-to product if you are primarily seeking sun protection. Instead, check out our Suncover range.

Why Customers Should Use Our Hail Blanket

For 12 years, we have been working on designing the best hail blankets for cars and caravans. Between our triple-layer technology, our made-to-order products and our in-house hail testing, we believe we are mighty close to perfection. If your vehicle has recently received damage from hail and you want to prevent it from happening again, contact us today for the solution.


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