Hail Prevention Car Cover

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Hail Prevention Car Cover

Protect your Vehicle with a Hail Prevention Car Cover from Stormcovers

Stormcovers has been protecting the cars of our fellow Australians from the elements, and our offerings include a hail prevention car cover. When hailstorms strike, they can causecatastrophic damage to vehicles of all types, and even with modern weather forecasts, they can develop quickly. Our padded car covers are specifically designed for the hail that occasionally strikes Australia and designed to be long-lasting.

What Sets Stormcovers Apart Regarding the Best Hail Protection Car Cover

Most car covers are thin and flimsy. They will protect your car from the rays of the sun and the moisture of even the most torrential rain, but when it comes to hail, they just don’t cut it. Sure, they’ll protect your paint job from pea-sized hail, but here in Australia, we are often struck by more substantial hail. Here are a few of the ways that our car cover offers the best hail protection:

  • The storm cover that we offer is padded and made from durable materials to ensure longevity. We offer a 10-year warranty on our custom-made covers, but they are designed to last even longer and handle the worst storms that hit Australia.
  • Many car covers are mass-produced as opposed to custom made to fit your specific vehicle. A poorly sized car cover can leave parts of your car vulnerable to the elopements or offer a fit that can’t withstand gusty winds. When you contact us, we will assist in measuring your vehicle so that the cover fits perfectly.
  • As an Australian owned and operated company, we know the type of weather that occurs here and design our covers with that in mind.

Tips for Getting the Most Value out of Padded Car Covers for Hail

By choosing to protect your car from hail, you’ve made a decision designed to get the most value out of your vehicle. To do the same with our padded car covers, follow these tips:

  • You can’t get any value out of the storm cover if you don’t use it. When you expect hail, make sure to cover your vehicle before it hits.
  • Hail can come, even when the weather forecast doesn’t expect it. The storm cover can be packed away in your car’s boot so you can quickly cover it when an unexpected storm hits.
  • We have storm covers for all kinds of vehicles, including caravans and motorhomes. Don’t forget to protect them too.

Why Stormcovers’ Best Hail Protection Car Cover is Cost-Effective

The 1999 Sydney Hailstorm, when cricket ball-sized hail fell from the sky, is considered the most expensive natural disaster in Australian history with over $2.3 billion in estimated damages. Forty thousand vehicles were damaged in that storm. While another storm of that size has not occurred, there have been many large hailstorms since that has caused significant damage to vehicles. With one of our long-lasting padded car covers for hail, you won’t have to worry about getting your car repaired when the skies turn dark, and the hailstones fall. Contact us today if you are ready to get the best hail protection car cover.


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