Protect Your Investment with Our Caravan Trailer Covers in Melbourne

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Protect Your Investment with Our Caravan Trailer Covers in Melbourne

Our caravan covers in Melbourne are custom-made.

You will get a perfect fit with our caravan covers in Melbourne and protect your portable home from hail and stormy weather. We supply quality, Australian made storm covers that use a triple-layer technology, which includes a robust and waterproof outer surface, foam impact protection, and a strong, yet soft protective lining. Our covers are guaranteed to protect your caravan or vehicle against hail.

Benefits of Our Storm Caravan Trailer Covers in Melbourne

There are numerous benefits to using our wet weather protection cover on your vehicle, which we have strenuously tested against large balls of frozen water dropped from a fourth-floor balcony resulting in no damage. Other benefits include:

  • Custom-shape for your caravan: You can get a made-to-order cover, which will be a custom fit to your trailer to provide it with maximum protection against stormy weather. Our manufacturers will design and produce a custom-shaped cover that follows the contours of your caravan for a fitted look. We use solid panels to prevent creating extra joins, and you can tailor your cover with zip-out doors for easy access when your caravan is covered.
  • Completely waterproof: Our Stormcovers are entirely waterproof due to the three-layer design. We use a UV-laminated polyethylene fabric for tough outer protection with a 100% waterproof foam in the middle layer. The inner layer provides another protective film that helps to prevent your cover from tearing. If you select to have zips in your custom design, this feature may let water inside the cover; however, it is usually a minimal amount.
  • Five-year warranty: We offer a five-year manufacturing warranty with our storm covers, however with proper care, they remain in working condition for up to ten years.

Related Services We Provide to Caravan Trailer Covers

If wet and stormy weather is not something you deal with often, you may benefit from our custom sun covers which feature:

  • Quality protection: Our sun covers are made in Australia using a durable, water-resistant, breathable, and marine-grade fabric. They are designed to protect your caravan from dust and intense UV rays, which can damage your vehicle.
  • Straps and buckles: You can secure the cover to your caravan using the straps and side-release buckles, which prevent the fabric from moving around in windy conditions.
  • Ten-year warranty: Our Suncovers come with a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty during which time they have been proven to remain reliable and effective at protecting your vehicle from the effects of the sun and debris. Our sun covers will also protect your caravan from rubber and paint degradation.

Why Should You Trust Stormcovers and Suncovers?

Our covers use quality material and are manufactured to a high standard. You can effortlessly order a custom-shaped cover without sending us measurements or visiting our office. We have reliable and easy access to an extensive range of vehicle measurements to ensure that you receive the right fit for your caravan or trailer. Contact us today to order your weather protection cover.


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