Frequently Asked Questions

This page will assist you in some of the questions you may have about Stormcover products. If you can’t find the answer to a question you have, please feel free to ask our cover guides online now.

Do I need a Stormcover?

Yes, if you want your vehicle to have premium protection from weather and storms.
Stormcovers are an investment into the long term protection of your vehicle, camper trailer, caravan, motor home, horse float, passenger or commercial vehicle.

When considering the purchase price of a Stormcover, also evaluate the cost of replacement, repairs and damage that you may incur as a result of the harsh weather conditions experienced across much of Australia. As an example, Stormcover for an average caravan might cost equivalent to less than 1% of your van’s purchase price.

Permanent structures like sheds or carports are very expensive in comparison, are not transportable and relocatable, and in the case of carports, provide little to no side protection for your vehicle.

Stormcovers not only provide excellent weather protection but also save you hours of work polishing, cleaning and maintaining your vehicle.

Can you make Stormcovers for any vehicle?

Yes! We can make Stormcovers for any Car or Recreational Vehicle, including Caravans, Camper Trailer, Motorhomes, Horse Floats, etc. However, we usually only make covers up to a maximum length of 32 feet/10 metres as any covers any larger may be difficult to put on.

We have made Stormcovers for all kinds of unusual vehicles, so please feel free to contact us with your custom requests.

What is the lifespan of a Stormcover?

Stormcovers are supplied with a Five (5) Year Limited Warranty however many customers have reported the lifespan of their Stormcover has extended well past that.

For full details about Stormcovers Warranty, click here.

What colours are Stormcovers available in?

Stormcovers are available in Beige, Stone or Charcoal.  Smaller vehicles and trailers (that have a side panel height less than 2050mm) may also have the option of Silver or White in some circumstances.

Do you need to physically measure my vehicle?

No. We currently produce Stormcovers for customers right around Australia and rarely physically measure the vehicles as we have a reliable and easy process to gather the measurements required to contour and shape every cover.

However, if you live or are visiting the Sunshine Coast (QLD) and would like to drop in to our premises with your vehicle or trailer, we would be more than happy to personally measure up.

Are Stormcovers suitable for all weather conditions?

Stormcovers are most useful in hail prone areas and when a waterproof cover is a priority.

If you live in humid conditions and UV/intense sun protection is priority instead of hail, then you may wish to consider a Suncover.

Are Stormcovers totally waterproof?

Together, the 3 unique layers that make up a Stormcover are totally waterproof. The outer layer is a tough UV laminated poly fabric and the inner foam layer is 100% waterproof, with a third layer of protective film joined to the foam to prevent tearing and damage. However, in heavy rain, some water may pass through the zippers and reach the vehicle though the amount of water expected is minimal.

Do you guarantee against Hail?

As Australian weather is becoming even more unpredictable, the size of hail that might fall from the sky is anyone’s guess, so we don’t formally guarantee against Hail.  However, we did our own tests with golf-ball sized frozen water bombs (denser than hail ice), dropped from a 4th floor balcony onto the roof of a car with a Stormcover installed and no damage was incurred by the vehicle.

With thousands of Stormcovers now in use across Australia and many intense hail storms having occurred, we are pleased to yet have any reports of negative effects.

For full Warranty information, click here.

Can I use my Stormcover for long term storage purposes?

Yes, as long you are putting your Stormcover onto a clean dry vehicle. If you put your Stormcover onto a wet vehicle it will trap moisture and will cause condensation. Equally, if you put your Stormcover onto a dirty or dusty vehicle and leave it on for extended periods of time, then you risk the debris scratching your vehicle.

How thick is the foam padding?

The middle foam layer is a specially manufactured 4mm thick closed cell foam that is extra soft to provide effective impact protection from debris and hail. The foam is treated to resist mould and mildew, making it ideal for long term storage in a range of climates.

We cannot use a foam any thicker than this as otherwise the Stormcover would then be unmanageable. We offer the best level of protection that we can within the limits of being practical. A Stormcover for a car will take up between 30-50% of your car boot space.

Are Stormcovers abrasive?

The closed cell inner foam core assists impact protection from hail and other surface-damaging debris, whilst the soft yet strong Tyvek™ inner layer reduces friction on all surfaces including windows and perspex.

Due to the design and when applied to clean and dry vehicles, Stormcovers inner lining is not abrasive and should not cause scratching to your vehicle or trailer however you should check with your vehicle’s manufacturer about the coating applied to your vehicle, or any special top coat treatments that could be affected by coverage. It is important to be aware that heavily polished vehicles may lose their shine from being covered as the cover touching a wax or coating treatment could cause this to dull. It is your responsibility to check the specific paint and surface coating on your vehicle or trailer.

Are Stormcovers a one-piece or 3-piece cover?

Depending on the application, Stormcovers can be created in either system. For larger vehicles, such as caravans and motorhomes, they are made as a 3-piece system for easier installation. For smaller vehicles like cars, utes, passenger vans and camping trailers, they are most frequently made as a one-piece system.

Can one person install a Stormcover?

Stormcovers normally can be installed with one person but it is easier with two people, if possible (especially as dragging covers onto the body of vehicles is not recommended).

Usually the first installation takes the longest but after it has been done a few times it becomes easier, especially for the 3-piece zipped system.

How long do Stormcovers take to install?

For caravans and motorhomes, we recommend allowing approximately 30 minutes. Non-windy days are more practical, also. You may find the first installation a little time consuming but you will get faster on subsequent applications.

Some other covers have zippers across the roof line. Why aren’t Stormcovers like this?

Simply put, our Stormcover and Suncover design is the easiest for installation and our pattern follows the contours of your vehicle or trailer. We do not do any joins across the roof line or any cut-outs in the roof section as water would be likely to leak through this area and result in mould build up under the cover.

Are Stormcovers created to be a 'glove-like' fit?

Stormcovers are not designed to fit like a glove as they have large air pockets which are necessary for two reasons.

Firstly, the air pockets allow maximum airflow and circulation to prevent condensation, mould and mildew. And secondly, the air pockets are further supportive of impact protection to provide the most effective hail protection.

Are Stormcovers suitable to be on my vehicle while towing or driving?

No. Never have your Stormcover on your van or trailer when towing it and certainly never on your vehicle when it is being driven.

How do I look after and maintain my Stormcover?

  • Remember, sharp edges are your covers worst enemy. Be sure to cover all sharp edges before installing your cover, using foam padding or buffering with strategically positioned pool noodles.
  • Your van must be clean and dry before installing your cover.  Never install a Stormcover to a wet vehicle.
  • Do not overtighten straps; this will stress the cover and also make it vulnerable to sharp edges. Your Warranty does not cover wear and tear so looking after your cover will keep it in the best condition possible for as long as possible.
  • Do not yank or pull zips aggressively as the zipper teeth can break out of excessive force is used and this is not covered under your Warranty.
  • Check your cover on windy days. If there is a lot of movement, contact us to obtain some extra tie down straps, including extra long options.
  • Polyfabric and foam are highly flammable so keep Stormcovers away from open flames or hot items (eg. exhausts, etc).
  • When removing your Stormcover between uses, look out for tears or stress points. These can be easily repaired or reinforced with wear patches that are available for purchase separately.

Be sure to review the Warranty information for Stormcovers here.

Download the Installation and Cleaning Guide for Stormcovers here.

What happens if my Suncover tears? Is this covered by my Warranty?

Tears are not covered by our Manufacturing Warranty. Suncovers are not immune to damage caused by sharp edges on vehicles and trailers, which are required to be adequately covered by the user. Rubbing from any sharp or protruding objects can cause damage or wear to the material.

Wear patches for Stormcovers are available for purchase separately. These patches can be used to protect sharp edges or repair tears that do occur. Stormcovers will not reach life expectancy if tears are not patched up and repaired.

Users should take care to cover all sharp objects as tearing caused by stress points on your vehicle or trailer are not covered under Warranty and it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that these areas are adequately padded to stop them from pushing through the material or creating weak/stress points.

Please review Warranty information here.