T&C’s for Stormcovers (triple layer)

Stormcovers have a Tyvek® inner layer that can easily rip when dragged over sharp edges. The Tyvek® protects the foam and the vehicle/RV that the cover is applied to from compromising the integrity of the outer layer; the Tyvek® and inner foam layer must be maintained so the outer layer can reach full life expectancy. TheTyvek® layer can easily be repaired or reinforced using packaging tape.

The inner Tyvek® layer is non-abrasive but because of the rigid structure of Stormcover components, it is possible that the cover could rub on your vehicle/RV sides when windy conditions persist. This could be a problem if your vehicle/RV is old and already has UV damage to powder or gel coatings.

If you polish your vehicle/RV to achieve a shiny effect, you may find that the Stormcover could make the glossy sheen lose some of its lustre, so please consider this before choosing a Stormcover.

Stormcovers have three waterproof sections that zip together. The zips are not waterproof and rain will penetrate the zip when the downpour is heavy, but water will run down the sides of the cover and won’t pool on the roof as we make the roof panel 10-20cm wider than your vehicle/RV so zips sit off the roof edge. The side panel is shaped similar to your vehicle/RV shape, but without resorting to joins therefore side sections are limited to 2050mm in height. Except for motorhomes, all vehicle/RV covers are padded to 2050mm in height and if extra height is required, we can sew on an Extension.

Extensions are made from the outer layer only (i.e. no foam padding or inner Tyvek® layer) and are an extra cost of $100 for both side panels. If you have a jack aerial or other accessory mounted flush on the side of your vehicle/RV roof that sticks up more than 50mm, you should consider getting an extension to ensure all vehicle/RV body parts are covered.

Air conditioning units or other protrusions mounted in the middle of the roof are not a problem as extra width in roof sections will accommodate standard centre positioned roof fittings.

Stormcovers are made with a roof width of up to 2500mm (250cm). We have to join the foam on the inside to make the width as the foam cannot be manufactured to a 2500mm width in one piece.

If you place an order for a Stormcover, you are entering into a contract whereby you appoint Stormcovers Australia to manufacture a cover specifically for you in the standard design that we usually use. We will not be held responsible for Stormcovers that do not fit due to incorrect measurements being provided and any alterations will be charged on a time and cost basis at our discretion.

We endeavour to cross-check all measurements that are provided to us but it is important that you provide the actual measurements and not add anything onto the length as this will cause the pattern to become distorted and the cover made incorrectly. We will adjust sizing and pattern shaping where appropriate.

Stormcovers do not ‘fit like a glove’; they are designed to be a bit larger than the vehicle/RV being covered.

Patterns are cut by hand and are not CAD software or machine-cut, therefore, some discrepancies can occur with the shaping on each side (only by a very small amount, if at all).